Your Technology Strategy

Providing the strategy and management to deliver relevant Technology for your business

Technology Strategy

  • At OpteCTO we understand the importance of being able to relate your business goals and objectives to both your existing technology investment and any future spend. With technology evolving so rapidly, it is essential for the business to understand the relevant options available and how these can deliver business benefit.

  • In order to develop a strategy relevant to your business it is essential to understand where you are currently from a technology maturity perspective. OpteCTO works as part of your business to perform a complete review to understand costs, priorities, risks and opportunities. This is the first phase of developing a strategy with the business that clearly identifies short and long term goals

  • With the introduction of Cloud technology the IT spend for business is moving from Capital Expenditure to Operational Expenditure meaning annual commitments are steadily increasing. It is essential for businesses to understand and control this spend and ensure that any product introduced provides value, efficiencies and expansion. OpteCTO will work with you to understand and select the right product sets for your business to ensure that any redundant spend is eliminated and where possible, products are consolidated.

  • The services provided by OpteCTO ensure that any current business products are reviewed and where possible increased functionality is delivered, to increase the ROI on the existing spend. We will ensure that the business only purchases technology that can be justified from an efficiency or security perspective

  • Together we develop a 12-18 month technology strategy that is relevant to your business and relates to current pain points and the wider business road map. This will maximise the value of your existing technology products and identify innovations or efficiencies delivered by the introduction of new products.

Our Engagement Objectives Together

  • Understanding the business to enable a relevant technology roadmap to be delivered that delivers against your key business goals

  • Not only understanding what’s possible but what’s appropriate for size and budget with the increasing cloud technology Opex spend in focus

  • Removing the Jargon from the conversation and enabling business leaders to make informed decisions around technology investment

  • Enhancing the relationship with either internal IT staff or outsourced providers to enable a collaborative approach to improving technology, process and control

  • Maximise the value of existing staff by increasing productivity and aligning there day to day to industry leaders, increasing their development whilst modernising the business culture