Cyber Security

OpteCTO identify the risks associated to your business people, processes and technology

Cyber Security

  • Cyber security has always been a key topic for businesses but it is only in recent years that the scale of the risk has become more apparent and businesses have had to accept that every business is a target. A recent survey by Forresters detailed that 96% of UK businesses had experienced at least one major cyber incident in 2019 and that there has been a dramatic increase over the last 2 years.

  • Unfortunately Cyber Security is often sold through fear and therefore businesses end up purchasing solutions that may not be an appropriate fit for their business. At OpteCTO we provide clarity on the business reasons for any Cyber Security solution, enabling business leaders to contribute with confidence.

  • OpteCTO understand the key principles of cyber security and how these relate to people, process and technology. There are a number of quick wins that can be achieved that significantly reduce the levels of risk to the business and these will be identified in the as-is-state review process. For any technology, OpteCTO will work as an extension to the business to ensure Cyber Security best practice is an essential component of the final deliverable.

  • We have a wealth of knowledge in how Cyber Security is evolving and how the solutions available differ depending upon business risk and budget. We understand true value of Cloud but know this requires a different approach for ensuring Cyber Security controls are at the heart of any product introduced to your business.

Our Engagement Objectives Together

  • Evaluating a baseline on Cyber Security around the business processes, people and technology

  • Working together with the business to establish a realistic path for improvement with quick wins highlighted

  • Ensuring best practice cloud controls exist for any business applications or infrastructure

  • Educating the user base with relevant communication that relays risk and avoidance

  • Review and implement a security patching plan for business products to avoid unnecessary risk

  • Alignment to industry recognised cybersecurity principles and evaluate the value that accreditation may provide to the business profile