Providing the strategy and management to deliver relevant Technology for Your Business

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Learn More About Us

Maximising the value of your investment in Technology products and services

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Delivering technology to Your Business that provide efficiencies and enable growth

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Streamline business processes and reduce the overhead of manual tasks

Do your IT providers understand your business enough to select and deliver the right products? Are your IT costs continually growing without any obvious value being delivered? Is the IT conversation clear enough for you to understand what you are agreeing to?

OpteCTO provide a Technology director to your business as a service at a fraction of the cost

Working together

Your Technology Strategy

We work together to understand your business to ensure you can maximise the value of both existing and future technology investments in the right products and services

Cyber Security

OpteCTO identify the risks associated to your business people, processes and technology. This enables us to deliver essential security controls that are relevant to your business size and budget

Digital Transformation/Modern Working

We are highly experienced enabling a ‘Working from Anywhere’ culture, where businesses are able to make their applications and content available through secure access solutions

Process and Technology Optimisation

We ensure that the software functionality delivered aligns to streamlined business processes, providing innovation, automation and efficiencies that drive Your Business forward

Why Choose Us?


Removing the jargon from technology discussions to enable a correlation between business goals and technology


Understand the business objectives and obstacles to provide relevant technology to support your business development


Reduce unnecessary cyber security risks before proposing a road map for delivering enhanced security controls


Automate processes enabling staff to not only be more productive but to develop in a modern working framework


Deliver Cyber Security controls that are aligned to best practice and  enable industry recognised accreditation


Deploy to secure Cloud environments, maximising the value of modern technology without unmanaged risk


Maximising the existing investment in Technology to drive business efficiencies and enable modern working


Ensure the performance of your technology products and service providers are aligned to your business expectations