Digital Transformation and Modern Working

Enable your business through modern technology on top of streamlined processes to enable a collaborative and flexible working culture

Digital Transformation and Modern Working

  • It is never been more apparent how essential technology is in enabling businesses to adapt to new ways of working. Whether the focus has been around accessibility, mobility or general process automation, businesses are now aware of how technology can enable efficiencies that provide a more a more realistic return on any technology investment.

  • At OpteCTO we are highly experienced in the enabling of a ‘Working from Anywhere’ culture, where businesses are able to make content and business functions available without the constraint around an individual’s location. Implemented well, businesses are able to maximise both their software and mobile asset investments.  However these initiatives need to be implemented with the key security principles at the forefront to ensure the business is not opening itself up to both cyber security and data loss risks.

  • OpteCTO work together with your IT service team to review and deliver features that cover Mobile Device Management (MDM), Multi-Factor authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO) and Web Security on top of the standard endpoint and network security that is fundamental to the business infrastructure

  • As part of the wider technology review, OpteCTO will evaluate your current telephony solutions to ensure that your business is maximising the value of the innovations that have occurred in this area over recent years. This is now more than ever an area where technology can enable your modernise to drive your customer engagement on.

Our Engagement Objectives Together

  • Secure access to business content on business devices, maximising the value of all business technology asset investments

  • Enable a Working from Anywhere approach once appropriate controls are implemented for all business technology

  • Increase collaboration within the business and empower your employees to communicate more efficiently

  • Enable business leaders to present strategy and goals periodically to their business, promoting a greater understanding amongst those tasked with delivery

  • Review industry specifics toolsets with your business to identify modern products that deliver both efficiencies and innovation to keep your business ahead